World JKA Karate Association US/East Coast

Welcome to WJKA  US /East Coast


                                  New Event: WJKA  seminar with Soltys sensei

                                                Mar. 31, 2012    12:00pm - 2:30pm 

                           To be held at the WJKA US/ east coast dojo in Cranston R.I.

                                                for info. call (401)-219-0166

The WJKA is a world-wide organization dedicated to encourage and assist students in their growth and understanding of karate.

The aim of the association is to foster the true spirit of karate and develop international relations between countries. We hold true to this aim by teaching karate in our clubs and by holding international competitions and courses. 

The WJKA  does not teach sport karate. It teaches enhanced karate based on scientific research as a martial science and a way of life to ensure all members follow the seven principles of bushido.

Each member  is taught to polish each technique to its perfection with speed, strength, focus, and control until Ikken hisatsu or the ability to kill an opponent with one strike is attained. 

All classes especially the black belt session is Kenshusei based. Kenshusei derives from three Japanese words. Ken which means to polish or to clean, Shu which means mastery, and Sei which means student.  

Taken together "Ken-Shu-Sei" translates to "a student who strives for mastery through polishing," or one who seeks to develop in a given art or way through diligent training and persistent effort.  

We thank you for visiting the WJKA  East Coast.


Frank Soltys

WJKA USA East Coast Director